About TheAnswersWeb.com

Internet is full of boatloads of information about anything you can find under sun. But unfortunately most of the information is coarse and not too the point. The problem arises because most of the time we want "to-the-point", exact and precise answers to our questions rather finding a full page article and then searching for the desired answer from large paragraphs.

Search engines have tried to tackle this problem for decades. For example there may be dozens of books regarding some subject matter but the task of search engine is to take you to that exact page where the answer to your question is hidden. This is what the sole purpose of a search engine is. But unfortunately, our world has become a place where every minute is more important than ever. We are getting busier and people find themselves in frustrating conditions when they have to read that full page of that book to find what they are looking for.

The need of the hour is therefore that instead of spotting the page where the answer to your query is, we take you exactly to the paragraph that actually answers your question. Our technology is getting wiser day-by-day. So it may become more helpful in coming days.

If you have any idea upon how we can make it even more better then please contact us via this page. We are all ears.