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What is a pikas diet?

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Diet. The American pika is a generalist herbivore. It eats a large variety of green plants, including different kinds of grasses, sedges, thistles and fireweed. Although pikas can meet their water demands from the vegetation they eat, they do drink water if it is available in their environment.

Furthermore, are pikas rabbits?

Despite their small size, body shape, and round ears, pikas are not rodents but the smallest representatives of the lagomorphs, a group otherwise represented only by hares and rabbits (family Leporidae).

Subsequently, question is, why is the Pika endangered?

American pikas are suffering because climate change has brought higher temperatures to their western mountain homes. Despite their dire situation, the American pika is not federally listed under in the Endangered Species Act.

Can a Pika be a pet?

To breed a domesticated pika would take thousands of years, assuming they can even be domesticated. A pika is a wild animal. It is not appropriate as a house pet, because it is wild by nature. A pika is a wild animal.


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