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Who is No 1 intelligence agency in the world?

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Pakistan's ISI Ranked No. 1 Spy Agency in the World.

Herein, who is No 1 Intelligence Agency in 2019?

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
The agency collects information from overseas, with minimal information collection within the country. It is the most famous and easily recognizable intelligence agency in the world, primarily because of its numerous appearances in Hollywood movies.

Additionally, who is the best intelligence agency in the world?

Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies in the World in 2020
  1. Mossad.
  2. Secret Intelligence Service (SIS)
  3. Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR)
  4. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  5. Federal Intelligence Service (BND)
  6. Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)
  7. Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE)
  8. Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)

Why is ISI the best intelligence agency?

ISI are believed to have had access to Osama bin Laden in the past. ISI played a central role in the U.S.-backed guerrilla war to oust the Soviet Army from Afghanistan in the 1980s. That Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)-backed effort flooded Pakistan with weapons and with Afghan, Pakistani and Arab "mujahideen".

Which is better ISI or raw?

ISI has its own identity in Pakistan whereas RAW is just a wing of Ministry of External Affairs. Rather, if we compare outcomes, RAW has served better to India than to ISI to pakistan. ISI is formed in 1948, RAW is formed 1968, two decades after it.

Which country has the best intelligence?

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Ranking Country Average IQ
1 Singapore 107.1
2 China 105.8
3 Hong Kong 105.7
4 South Korea 104.6

Which is the most powerful secret agency?

According to some experts, the ISI is the largest intelligence agency in the world in terms of total staff. While the total number has never been made public, experts estimate around 10,000 officers and staff, which does not include informants or assets.

What is RAW and ISI?

The Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is the primary foreign intelligence agency of India. The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is an intelligence agency in Pakistan.

What is the rank of ISI in world?

After extensive research we discovered that when it comes to the World's Top-Ranking Intelligence Agencies Pakistan's ISI comes in at No. 1.

What is the salary of RAW agent?

1.3 lakhs per month

What is China's version of the CIA?

The Ministry of State Security (MSS) is the intelligence, security and secret police agency of the People's Republic of China (non-military area of interests), responsible for counter-intelligence, foreign intelligence and political security.

Which is the most powerful agency in the world?

10 Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies Around The World
  1. ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence), Pakistan.
  2. RAW (Research and Analysis Wing), India.
  3. Mossad (HaMossad leModiʿin uleTafkidim Meyu?adim), Israel.
  4. CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), U.S.A.
  5. MI6 (Military Intelligence, Section 6), UK.
  6. GRU (Main Intelligence Agency), Russia.
  7. MSS (Ministry of State Security), China.

How can I join CIA?

Candidates for CIA agent jobs in clandestine services must:
  1. Be a citizen of the United States.
  2. Be at least 18 years old.
  3. Possess a bachelor's degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  4. Have strong interpersonal skills.
  5. Have a strong interest in international affairs.
  6. Be able to write clearly and accurately.

Who controls the CIA?

The CIA acts as the primary US HUMINT and general analytic agency, under the Director of National Intelligence, who directs or coordinates the 16 member organizations of the United States Intelligence Community.

How can I join raw?

To become RAW agent, candidates should take Group A Civil Services exam under the Central Staffing Scheme. They have to clear all the stages of Civil Service Examination and qualified candidates are allowed to write the RAW examination.

Who is the most famous spy?

Mata Hari. One of the most famous and elusive spies in history, Dutch-born Margaretha Geertruida Zelle, whose stage name was Mata Hari, acted as a spy during World War I.

Which country has the best spy agency?

  • U.K.: Secret Intelligence Service (MI6)
  • Iran: Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS)
  • Israel: Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations (Mossad)
  • China: Ministry of State Security (MSS)
  • USA: Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  • Russia: Federal Security Service (FSB)
  • Russia: Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU)


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